Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the most frequently asked questions here. For more please contact us.

What is Chatmunk?

Chatmunk is an AI-driven conversational language tutor, designed to assist users in learning and improving language skills through real-time interactions.

How does Chatmunk work?

Utilizing state-of-the-art AI technology, Chatmunk crafts dynamic and engaging conversations, allowing users to speak naturally and receive intelligent, context-aware responses to foster effective language learning.

How do I learn with Chatmunk?

With Chatmunk, you're introduced to varied conversational scenarios. You can dive straight into dialogues and receive feedback along the way.

Which languages can I learn?

Chatmunk currently supports a range of languages including English, Italian, Danish, Dutch, French, Turkish and many more. Our list is continually expanding to encompass global languages

I haven't started learning another language. Is Chatmunk for me?

Absolutely! Chatmunk is designed to cater to all proficiency levels. For beginners, it's recommended to familiarize yourself with key vocabulary before diving into conversations.

What's the pricing for Chatmunk?

Users can start using Chatmunk for free with limited interaction and features. For expanded access and advanced features, we offer monthly and annual subscription packages as part of our Pro tier.

Would you be able to add another language I'm interested in?

Chatmunk is continuously evolving, and we're working to add more languages. Please share your interests here, and we'll consider them in our future updates.

How does Chatmunk handle data protection?

Chatmunk takes user privacy seriously. For a detailed overview, you can refer to our comprehensive Privacy Policy.

Wish to deactivate your account?

To delete your account, please log into Chatmunk's platform, navigate to account settings, and follow the "Delete your account" instructions.