Revive 2015’s Dying Languages!

Understanding the Plight of Dying Languages from 2015

The year 2015 was a critical year for linguistic diversity, highlighting the vulnerability of many of the world’s languages. As global communication expands, smaller language communities often give way to dominant languages, leading to what linguists call “language death.” This phenomenon isn’t just about losing words; it’s about losing culture, tradition, and the unique perspectives embedded within a language.

What Are Dying Languages?

Dying languages are those that are on the brink of extinction; that is, they have few surviving speakers and are not being learned by younger generations. Often, these languages have rich histories and deep cultural significance. The loss of every language translates to a loss of human heritage, erasing centuries of knowledge and storytelling.

How Acts as a Language Learning Tutor

At, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between dormant languages and eager language learners. Our AI-based platform serves as an interactive partner that facilitates the revival of less-spoken languages by providing effective, personalized language learning experiences.

Using CHATMUNK is easy:

  • Choose a language: Select from a range of endangered languages that supports.
  • Engage in conversations: Our AI tutor conducts conversations in your chosen language, adapting to your learning pace and style.
  • Cultural immersion: Learn not just about grammar and vocabulary, but also about the cultural context that makes the language unique.

Examples of in Action

Imagine learning Manx, a language once declared extinct as a first language in 2015. Through, you can practice Manx by conversing with our AI about traditional Manx folklore, or perhaps order food as you would at a Manx café. The AI can provide feedback on pronunciation and suggest native phrases, immersing you in scenarios akin to living within a Manx-speaking community.

Joining the Language Preservation Movement

Every individual effort counts when it comes to language preservation. By choosing to learn through, you are contributing to a greater cause:

  1. Supporting linguistic diversity by increasing the number of speakers, even if just by one.
  2. Helping create a demand for endangered language content, thus encouraging native speakers to use their language more often.
  3. Preserving the language’s associated culture for future generations to enjoy.

We believe that through technology and community participation, dying languages can be brought back from the brink. is not just a language learning platform, it’s a digital movement towards keeping the world’s linguistic heritage alive and thriving. Your participation could very well be the difference between a language fading into history or being spoken once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really help revive a dying language?
Yes, absolutely! Every new learner adds vitality to a language. By engaging with, you bring attention and value back to endangered languages.
Is the tutor available for any language?
Currently, supports several endangered languages with plans to expand. We prioritize languages based on factors such as the level of endangerment and the availability of learning resources.
Do I need any prior experience with the language?
Not at all. is designed to accommodate learners at all levels, starting from scratch if necessary.

Revive a Language, Reconnect with Heritage

Choosing to learn a endangered language is more than just adding another skill to your repertoire; it is an act of cultural reconnection and preservation. Join the growing community of language learners at who are not just learning to communicate in new ways, but are becoming active participants in safeguarding global linguistic diversity.

Embrace the challenge. Revive a language. Restore a culture.


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